It’s easy to get someone interested in baseball if you show them the game in the right light and remember the game has drawn millions of fans since the late 1800’s. If you want to make baseball more fun, allow the game to sell itself by taking people to live games, introducing them to fantasy baseball and playing simulation games.

Each of these provides an opportunity to get someone interested in baseball by exposing them to the atmosphere of the ballpark, the complex and interesting rules that govern the game and baseball’s colorful personalities and players.

The game can sell itself. If you want to get someone interested in baseball, use the following three steps to let the game do just that.

Going To Live Baseball Games

Nothing gets someone interested in baseball more than attending a live game. Americans invented baseball many years before television. It is not a “made for TV” sport. Rather, it’s a game where the experience of the ballpark ranks as important as the game itself. That includes the food, the drinks and the company of fellow baseball fans. Most baseball fans come to the park in a laid back mood, ready to cheer for their team but also enjoy talking with friends and family about the game as it unfolds.

The exceptions are games featuring heated rivalries such as the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees or the Houston Astros vs. the Texas Rangers, where crowds may become more boisterous. But that’s fun, too, in its own way.

Historic MLB Rivalries

Most baseball fans agree that experiencing the ballpark will get someone interested in baseball faster than any other method.

Each park is different, which means you get a slightly different experience depending on what park you visit. Older parks such as Fenway Park in Boston or Wrigley Field in Chicago provide a sense of tradition and history, while newer stadiums show off better amenities and sight lines.

Playing Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball provides a great way to get to know all the players in the game – at least most of the starters – very quickly. Fantasy requires players to field a team using real players, typically those currently on Major League Baseball rosters. Most leagues require two players at each position, plus as many as 10 pitchers.

Learning about all the players is (at least) half the fun of baseball. Unlike football, where many players seem interchangeable because you can’t see their faces, baseball invites fans to get to know players. With 162 games per year, fantasy players become familiar with every member of their team –  their pluses, minuses and quirks.

Playing Baseball Simulation Games

Games such a Diamond Mind Online allow players to play fantasy baseball at the highest level possible. Data-driven simulation games provide the chance to play with historic players from throughout baseball history. They also allow you to use stadiums from throughout history, play within certain historic years or use any combination of players from the thousands who have played baseball.

Play Classic Fantasy Baseball

Diamond Mind is designed by people who have worked within the game itself. Using the rich amount of data that baseball provides, the game gives players the chance to experience what it is like to operate as both the general manager and field manager of a baseball team. Those two jobs rank among the most challenging, and rewarding, jobs in all of sports.

Baseball, while slower than more modern games, remains one of the great games in America. Give people a chance to take it in and enjoy its unique offering of thrills and atmosphere. They will easily get someone interested in baseball without you having to do much of anything.