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SimCity: Calculating the Worst-Case Cost of Jon Lester’s Pickoff Aversion

“The simulations of last season with Jon Lester set not to attempt any pickoffs indicate that Lester’s performance last season would have suffered significantly if his opponents knew that he wouldn’t throw over,” Imagine Sports CEO Dayne Myers says.

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Olney outlasts Stark in six games

So, whom do we root for in this one? Buster Olney, who gets up at 4 a.m. every day to write a blog? Jayson Stark, who has relentlessly and hilariously collected more useless information over the past 30 years than any person in baseball?

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Confession of a Simulated Mind

The original Pursue The Pennant game attracted the attention of another baseball enthusiast, Tom Tippett. While Cieslinski devoted himself to Dynasty League, Tippett developed his own game, Diamond Mind Baseball.

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Simulations heavily favor Rays to win Series

The 2008 postseason has produced one of the more intriguing World Series matchups in recent years: a pair of “Cinderella” stories. The young upstarts from Tampa Bay, who went from worst to first after beating the defending champion Red Sox and the big-market, big-spending Yankees for the AL East title, facing the Philadelphia Phillies

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Imagine Sports® Scores Deal with MLB Advanced Media

Imagine Sports® Inc., a leading online multiplayer sports gaming company, today announced a deal with MLB Advanced Media, L.P. (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, to bring officially-licensed content to its award-winning, online baseball simulation game, Diamond Mind Online®

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Diamond Mind: Only three with 90-plus wins

How will the free-agent spending splurge this past winter play out in 2007? Will Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Gary Matthews Jr., Gil Meche, Juan Pierre and others justify their big contracts, or will they prove to be multiyear financial millstones for their teams?

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Top Baseball Simulators

Diamond Mind is a computer simulation that’s been around for more than 20 years, and its intricate engine is used by ESPN and other media to simulate seasons. It’s considered the best simulator out there.

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Diamond Mind Baseball 9

In this Editors’ Choice–winning baseball sim game, you can make coaching decisions before and during each play. Statistics presentation is excellent, thanks to an informative game screen, box score, score sheet, and game log.

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