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Imagine Sports is the home of Diamond Mind Online and the Diamond Mind Baseball simulation for personal computers. Diamond Mind was developed by legendary baseball statistics expert Tom Tippett, now Senior Baseball Analyst for the Boston Red Sox. Diamond Mind is widely recognized as the most statistically-accurate baseball simulation software. In fact, the Boston Red Sox started using Diamond Mind to help analyze pending decisions as early 2003, when Diamond Mind helped the team determine that Alan Embree would be their most effective reliever against the Oakland A’s in the 2003 American League Championship Series.

According to then-GM Theo Epstein, now general manager of the Chicago Cubs, Diamond Mind is so accurate at portraying real baseball that it became a critical tool in helping the Red Sox become a data-driven team. The team then hired the designer of Diamond Mind, Tom Tippett. It’s no coincidence that the Bosox hadn’t won a World Series since 1918… but now have won three World Series since the team started using Diamond Mind!

In 2006, the team at Imagine Sports acquired the Diamond Mind software and launched an online version of Tom Tippett’s wonderful game, Diamond Mind Online, which allows you to be a general manager of your own team. Choose from nearly 5000 players from baseball’s glorious past – but you need to stay with your league’s salary cap – and go up against other GMs trying to out-strategize, out-analyze and out-smart you to see who can win the pennant and go for the World Series crown. Can you win a ring?

Since 2006, Diamond Mind has been used to forecast MLB seasons and playoffs and World Series, such as when ESPN used Diamond Mind to forecast the 2008 post-season. The team at Imagine Sports is a bunch of baseball junkies. We love baseball, and we love playing baseball on Diamond Mind. Give it a try!

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