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The editorial team at Imagine Sports has extensive background not only on our games but the sports gaming industry. We are a combination of die hard fans, enthusiasts and many of us are recognized as industry experts.

Chicago Cubs Championship Another Victory for Baseball Analytics

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Baseball Analytics and metrics, similar to those employed by Diamond Mind Baseball helped lead to the Chicago Cubs victory. Check out more now.

Four of the Worst Trades in Baseball History

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If only there was a time machine. Check out the 4 worst trades in baseball history according to the Diamond Mind editors. Did we get it right? Let us know!

Six Facts About the Life and Career of Ty Cobb

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The Georgia Peach, Ty Cobb, is one of Major Leagues Baseball's legendary baseball players & perhaps controversial. Check out the Ty Cobb Facts we've compiled.

Is Pitching Really 75% of the Game?

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The debate continues as some consider pitching to be 75% to 95% of the overall baseball game. The question is, are the pitching facts or opinion? Take a look and see what you decide.

Use of Advanced Analytics Expands In Major Sports Leagues

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Sports simulation games and the used of advanced analytics in major sports leagues have revolutionized team management, player selection and more.

The Evolution of the Sports Simulation Game

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Let's look at the evolution of the sports simulation game, from the humble start to the advanced games covering baseball and other sports.

The Top Eight Major League Pitchers In The Last 50 Years

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Ready for an argument? Let's see if you agree with our list of the top eight major league pitchers in the last 50 years. Is your favorite on the list?

Six Facts About Joe DiMaggio and His Baseball Career

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Ever wonder how Ted Williams' mom is associated to Joe DiMaggio's career? We have that and more with our look at six facts about Joe DiMaggio & his career.

Diamond Mind Online Beats Standard Fantasy Baseball

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For true baseball fanatics and expert fans, Diamond Mind Online beats standard fantasy baseball in every way. See what our players have to say about that.