A baseball simulator game is designed to recreate the game of baseball as realistically as possible, allowing players to function as both general manager and field manager of their own club. With historic baseball simulators, they choose from thousands of players and dozens of ballparks from baseball history.

It’s a chance to see how the 1927 Yankees lineup would fare against pitchers like Randy Johnson and C.C. Sabathia. It allows you to build an infield that features Pee Wee Reese,  Brooks Robinson, Roberto Alomar, and Jimmie Foxx.

Of course, it only works if you have the most accurate, most advanced baseball simulator that uses the latest statistical methods and software algorithms to simulate games. Those looking for the best baseball simulator can find it with Diamond Mind Online.

Online or PC Versions

With a baseball simulator, you assemble a team of players within a budget and then choose your lineup for each game. Diamond Mind offers this opportunity by having statistics for more than 4,000 players and ballparks since 1901.

The game is available online, where you match up with players from around the world in leagues that can play by standard rules or be customized to your specifications.

There is also a baseball PC game version available. You can play single seasons or use sets such as the all-time greatest teams, all-time worst teams or all-time greatest players. Single seasons can range from 2018 to the 1961 season and the 1922 classic season.

How It Works

Those who play the Diamond Mind baseball simulator game can create a true baseball Dream Team. It also strives to be the most realistic baseball simulation game ever created. The game was designed by Tom Tippett, who created such a realistic baseball simulator that the Boston Red Sox eventually hired him. He worked there 13 years as baseball senior analyst.

If you play online, then you can create a new league or join an existing one. With thousands of players from around the world, leagues fill up fast. You can enter a Standard League, with or without a DH, or seek out a Custom League. Custom Leagues can be customized in many ways, including:

  • The era played
  • The salary cap
  • Whether teams are created by an automated or manual draft

That’s just to name a few. Once you enter a league, you move onto the draft.

Drafting Your Team

What players you draft depends on the parameters of the league. It could be a single-season league or one that allows you to draft from any year. Every team must operate under a budget, however, so it’s important to keep that in mind. The strategy you use – building a team for a certain park, for example, or going pitcher heavy rather than hitting heavy – is entirely up to you.

Simulating Play

Diamond Mind handles the rest, other than the setting of lineups for each game, which is entirely up to you. The software simulates every game, every day. The system considers factors such as park dimensions and weather. The system also keeps track of all the statistics for your team throughout the year. Games are played three times a day, six days a week. It takes about nine weeks to complete a 162-game season.

For baseball fans who want to enjoy a baseball simulator league, there really is no better way to go. You have the flexibility of entering whatever kind of league attracts you, and a system that makes tracking your team easier than ever. It’s the perfect way to enjoy baseball from a new angle – as the person in charge, making all the decisions.