A new single-season standard league option from Diamond Mind Online will give players the chance to compete against each other using statistics from the “Moneyball” era of 2005 to 2012.

The MLB public leagues are open to anyone at any time and are a perfect way for players new to simulation baseball to learn about the game. Unlike classic standard leagues, which create a player pool based on career statistics, the single-season standard leagues (SSG) will feature pools based on single-seasons of each player.

MLB Public League

An MLB public league is another way for Diamond Mind Online to introduce the fun of simulation baseball to even more fans around the world.

SSG Standard League Details

The SSG Standard Leagues, like the classic leagues offered through Diamond Mind Online, will give players the chance to compete in an accelerated mode, with nine games simulated per day.

Teams in the MLB public league have a salary cap of $120 million. The DH is allowed. Multiple versions of the same player are allowed, but not on the same team. The classic versions of parks are available.

As noted above, the player pool will come from the single-season performance of thousands of players from the “Moneyball” era between the years 2005 and 2012. This is the era made famous by the Oakland Athletics and general manager Billy Beane, who used a data-driven approach to the game that allowed the small market A’s to compete with teams that spent much more money.

The cost of a team in the SSD Stand Leagues is $9.99. The leagues are available now.

Diamond Mind Classic Games

Diamond Mind Online has a well-deserved reputation for providing thousands of players around the world access to the best baseball simulation games available.

The game allows players to play in standard, classic leagues or to create their own customized league. Players can choose from more than 4,000 baseball players throughout history, including players from the Negro League and Nippon Professional Baseball.

The game offers the ability to have your team play its home games at parks throughout history, such as Ebbets Field or the Polo Grounds. Advanced statistical models take into account such details as park dimensions and weather when determining an outcome for simulated games. Fans can play an entire season in just a few weeks at an accelerated pace just as they can do with the new, SSG Standard League games.

With both the classic era and new “Moneyball” MLB public league option, those who like baseball and the strategy the game requires have more options than ever for enjoying online simulation leagues.