Ron Carr

Ron Carr (8GoBucs21)

The first round of the expanded Grand Open Tournament XIV got underway this past Monday.

Tournament Director Ron Carr (8GoBucs21)  has done a sensational job getting the tournament up and running this year.

GOT XIV has grown from a starting field of 108 teams/nine leagues to 168 teams/14 leagues and from three to four rounds.

Jay (TheSwami) Knight will be looking to defend his GOT XIII title.  GOT XIII runner up Bob Jecmen, with five Final 12 appearances to his credit, will be trying again to capture his first GOT crown.

Good luck to all!


Carl Hubbell (L) and Walter Johnson (R)

Carl Hubbell famously struck out Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin in succession in the 1934 All-Star Game.  Walter Johnson turned in an equally if not even more impressive performance for Rick (tonyc_25) West’s Stuffed Orangutans in the XVIII Games Per Day League, tossing a perfect game against this all-star line-up:

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  • LF Carl Yastrzemski
  • 2B Rogers Hornsby
  • CF Willie Mays
  • RF Hank Aaron
  • 1B Johnny Mize
  • 3B Wade Boggs
  • SS Willie Wells
  • DH Pete Incaviglia
  • C Otto Miller

Carl Yastrzemski MLB Career Highlights


Dave Kingman and Dick Allen

Dave Kingman (L) and Dick Allen (R)

Two impressive HR performances from the Dual Franchise Alphabet League:

1979 NL HR leader Dave Kingman belted four HR for Bruce (nels) Ericson’s Tampa Bay Cubs, the first three coming against uber-stingy 1993 Cy Young winner Greg Maddux.

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But that performance was topped in the same league by ’70 Dick Allen, who walloped five HR for Matt (chound1206) Brillhart’s St Louie and the Marlins team.

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We’ve gone back through the leaderboards from 2019 to highlight some of last year’s top performances:

Brian (brianod) O’Donnell led the way in overall wins and championships, piling up 20,527 wins and 47 World Series titles from 147 playoff appearances in 2019.

Greg (gdavid) David topped all owners (minimum 1,000 wins) with a 61.77 win percentage, registering an equally impressive strike rate of 17 championships from just 25 playoff appearances.

2019 Leaderboards

David (hubstud) Hubbard’s National MM-MMIX team in the Decade/League Based league topped all teams in 2019 with 111 wins.

National MM-MMIX Team Roster Here!

Babe Ruth topped all others in 2019 with a mind-boggling 102 HR for Jerry (jerry7401) Anderson’s Broad Street Bullies in the all-Baker Bowl Bakers Dozen league.

Check Out Babe Ruth’s Batting Season Here! 

And Greg Maddux topped all pitchers with a huge 32-win season for Sam Winans’ Remember the Alamo team in the States and Nations 3 league.

Check Out Greg Maddux’s Batting Season Here!


The Tipping Point May 2020

Each month we’ll offer a few tips in this space that may come in handy for the beginner as well as the experienced team owner.

Player salaries in the single-season version of Diamond Mind Online take into account the Playing Time Limitation (PTL) system: you pay only for the plate appearances (PA) or innings pitched that a player provides.  They also assume for batters that PTL is applied to batting splits, and for players with wide splits that you will “optimize” their usage, getting the maximum plate appearances possible from the player’s “better” side.

Some leagues, however, are set up with PTL on batting splits “Off”, which can present someTipping Point May 2020 bargain opportunities for owners in the know.  Depending on the player pool available to you, you almost certainly will have available cheap players who did very well in a small number of PA against same-handed pitchers (L batters v L pitchers, R batters v R pitchers) and relatively poorly against opposite-handed pitchers in a much larger number of PA.  In a league with PTL on batting splits turned off, you can use these players in a platoon capacity against same-handed pitchers and get the use of all of their PA v both L and R.

In this scenario, you’re not just getting a whole lot of high-powered PA essentially for free.  You also are employing a weapon against “reverse split” pitchers, who are utilized by many owners to combat the prevalence of platoons in single-season leagues.

[N.B. if a batter had less than 20 PA v L or R in a season from 1934 onwards, replacement level PA are added to make up the difference before the player’s split ratings are calculated.]

There’s lots of helpful material on the Diamond Mind Online Reference page.  A good place to start is with Frequently Asked Questions.

Diamond Mind Baseball Updates

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