Your opinion on the best fantasy sports sites often can hinge on what you are looking for in your fantasy play. However, some of the best sites include Diamond Mind Online, CBS Sports, Yahoo!, MLS Fantasy (MLS) and ESPN.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites

While the above sites are perhaps the most popular, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other choices. Many, many other choices. But these sites generally have good ratings overall. Here’s a closer look at each, if you are considering playing fantasy sports.

How Fantasy Baseball Started

Diamond Mind Online (Major League Baseball)

Diamond Mind Online has earned its reputation as one of the best fantasy baseball games ever devised. Users can pick from more than 5,000 players throughout baseball history, creating custom leagues that focus on a particular era or leagues that allow the talented players from different eras to play each other. Or you can play with players from the current year. It’s a one-stop shop for any kind of fantasy baseball league you can imagine.

CBS Sports (National Basketball Association)

CBS sports offers fantasy leagues in all the major sports, That includes the NFL, NHL, and NBA. The site provides data-driven projects, up the minute news on players and injury reports. It also uses analytics to make predictions on your team’s play for both the week and the entire season. Another nice feature: during games, you can track how your players are doing in real-time.

Yahoo! (National Football League)

Yahoo! deserves mention, exclamation point and all, because it was one of the first sites to jump into the NFL fantasy sports arena. They are known for having a slick app, a user-friendly interface, real-time stat tracking and analysis from the site’s in-house team. While there are likely more fantasy sites for the NFL than any other league, this is the go-to site for those new to NFL fantasy football.

ESPN (National Hockey League)

ESPN, much like CBS, offers fantasy games in every sport. That’s to be expected from the ground-breaking cable channel that was the first to offer 24-hour sports coverage. It’s often a bit more difficult to find a good NHL site, but ESPN provides a great mix of stats, analysis, and video. (Major League Soccer)

Major League Soccer might just have the best fantasy options for its own league. You can pick players from either conference and play head-to-head games against opponents or in a season-long league.

It’s worth mentioning that all the major sports leagues have some fantasy component on their site. Each league now recognizes that fantasy sports are part of what drives their league’s popularity.

These are some of the best and most popular fantasy sports sites. All are worth checking out, depending on your favorite sport to play. With the internet, it’s never been easier to have fun playing fantasy sports.

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