When it comes to sports, being a fan and supporting a team is the great equalizer.

Rich, poor, famous, not-at-all famous, it doesn’t matter. Supporting a team makes everyone part of a great community, kind of like that scene in “Major League” when the “Indians win it, the Indians win it!”

When it comes to celebrities, plenty of them are fans of Major League Baseball. For this list, we looked at seven of the most famous celebrity baseball fans. We skipped over fellow athletes and politicians, although everyone knows who former presidents George Bush Sr. (Houston Astros), George W. Bush (Texas Rangers) and Barack Obama (Chicago White Sox) support.

Bill Murray – Chicago Cubs

Much has been made about Murray hanging out during the Cubs playoff run in 2016, including spraying some champagne with the team after their victory over the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. But long-time fans know that Murray earned it. He’s been around the Cubs forever, even singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” back when Harry Carey was still in the broadcast booth. He suffered through the many years of failure and deserved to celebrate the year the Cubs finally won it all again.

Matt Damon – Boston Red Sox

In the case of the Red Sox, there are plenty to pick from, including Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg. But for sheer star power, Matt Damon takes the top spot among Red Sox fans. He has a strong opinion about David Ortiz, calling him the greatest Red Sox player ever. Needless to say, he’s also a big fan of the New England Patriots.

Tom Hanks – Oakland Athletics

Hanks grew up in the Bay area and has been vocal in his support for the A’s. He’s also been vocal in his disdain for the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas. Of the many celebrity stars who like the A’s, he stands out as being a local guy who has stuck to his roots – much like former A’s bat boy MC Hammer.

Tina Fey – Philadelphia Phillies

Hard to not recognize a celebrity who admits that while growing up, all she ever really wanted was to be a Phillies bat girl. That dream got replaced when she was around 11 years old after seeing a live theater show, but you can’t take the Philly out of the girl.

Bill Nye – Washington Nationals

Yep, the Science Guy has a passion for his hometown Nationals, even though they’ve only been around for a little more than a decade. While he likes the Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Dodgers (he’s lived in both cities), his true love remains the Nationals. “There’s nothing you can do about that,” Nye told the Washington Post.

Eminem – Detroit Tigers

The rapper is another celebrity who hasn’t forgotten where he came from. The Detroit native is often seen at Tigers games. The team even sold an Eminem jersey in 2016 – with the number 8, of course, for Eight Mile.

Paul Rudd – Kansas City Royals

You think you were surprised at the Royals winning it all in 2015? Paul Rudd thought he “was going to faint.” The long-time Royals fan even held a party for the team. Although born in New Jersey, Rudd grew up in Kansas City and has never stopped being a Royals fan.

That’s just seven of the fanatical celebrity fans out there, although these are certainly among the most famous. Look around the stands the next time you are at a game – you never know who you might see.