Spring training allows fans to see a game in a far more intimate setting. While either spring training league is enjoyable, the Cactus League this year features the only team to make it to the last two World Series (even though they lost) and other intriguing teams on the rise.

No matter where you go, spring training is an experience every baseball fan should try.

Cactus League Teams 2019

For a complete rundown of Cactus League teams and a bit of history or information about their locations, you can look here. Here’s a list of the teams in the Cactus league and where they play. All these cities are in Arizona.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies (Scottsdale)
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Tempe)
  • Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers (Glendale)
  • Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers (Surprise)
  • San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners (Peoria)
  • San Francisco Giants (Scottsdale)
  • Chicago Cubs (Mesa)
  • Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians (Goodyear)
  • Milwaukee Brewers (Phoenix)
  • Oakland Athletics (Mesa)

Why Go to Arizona for Spring Training?

First, whether you are going to Arizona or Florida for spring training, it’s a trip every baseball fan must make. You get to sit in great weather and see the players up close. It’s a relaxed atmosphere. And you will likely never get another chance to see players of this caliber in what amounts to a minor league park.

Everything is cheaper than it is in a big league stadium, too. That includes parking, hot dogs and beer.

Here are some of the issues and teams that might provide a reason to book a flight to the desert.

Getting Back on the Horse

The Los Angeles Dodgers will take the field in Glendale after two consecutive trips to the World Series and zero championships. They’ve made six straight playoff appearances and will once again enter the season as a favorite to win the National League pennant. They also have decisions to make on a lot of free agents by the time they convene in Arizona.

Chicago Cubs

That’s it, really. Just “Chicago Cubs.” The Cubs have one of the biggest fan bases in baseball. Much like Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans will descend on Florida, Cubs fans will book a trip to Arizona. Many probably already have. It helps that the Cubs are again expected to contend in 2019.

Intriguing Clubs

Both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Oakland Athletics were unexpected teams to make the playoffs last year. This year they will attempt to build on the success of the 2018 campaign. It’s an opportunity for fans to see rising teams before all the bandwagon jumpers get onboard.

Train Wrecks

You hate to call a team a train wreck. But it’s an apt description of the 2018 seasons for the Kansas City Royals, who won 58 games, and the Chicago White Sox, who won 62. Both are in the Cactus League and will start a campaign in which they hope to rebuild with young talent.

The Cincinnati Red and San Diego Padres weren’t far ahead of either of those teams in wins. Both also are expected to come out of what have been several down years with teams that field young talent that can compete.

The San Francisco Giants weren’t a train wreck, but they underperformed again last season, winning just 73 games. That’s not acceptable for fans of a team with the Giant’s impressive past. The Giants also will draw many fans to the desert.

Those are a few of the issues why it’s worth it to travel to Arizona for the Cactus League in 2019. Now is the time to get those flights booked.