My name is Walter Kinsell and I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for many years. I started with All-Star Baseball with the round cards and spinners, played APBA for years including their computer game and

February 2020 Featured Team Owner Of The Month | Walter Kinsell

SIM baseball with DL and ESPN before Imagine Sports opened. I love baseball and particularly historical. This love started early as I had Rheumatic fever and my parents bought me baseball cards and a radio. While I was bed ridden I memorized the back of the cards and listened to By Saam and Bill Campbell do Philly games. I loved the Phillies and Richie Ashburn and still do. I play Ashburn as much as possible.

Walter’s Fantasy Baseball Preferences

I prefer to play with earlier players. I play this game for fun, not especially concerned with winning. I’ve played around 177,000 games and have a poor max score (650). I’m a 50’s guy and use those players a lot. This game is not kind to the 50’s players. I only play custom leagues that are different themed. I love the SSG game as I can play the odd ball season (Cash 61, Mantle 56, Hazle 57, etc). I don’t win a lot but that’s ok.

Walter’s Personal Life

I live in Somers Point, New Jersey just outside Atlantic City. Graduated from Montclair State in 1970. I’ve taught history, worked for Family Court and counseled alcohol and drugs addition and 39 other jobs. I’m retired now but my most memorable work was as a high school substance abuse counselor and a MICA counselor (mentally ill and chemically addicted). I love working with high school age kids. I am a recovering person myself with 22 years sober and 9 years before that after a relapse. Thus my passion for counseling the addicted.

My wife Dottie and I have been married 51 years. I have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 1 great grandson. Most of my teams are Trina something. She’s a granddaughter. She kept my going in a very dark time. As I am homebound now fantasy baseball takes up my time.

I am most proud however of my volunteer work with Special Olympics. I’ve DJ dances, taught cooking, coached softball, golf and bowling, helping win gold medals in all. Both my wife and daughter work for The Arc of Atlantic County and another daughter used to.

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