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Diamond Mind Online is fantasy baseball at its best!

Diamond Mind Online, powered by the renowned Diamond Mind simulator, lifts fantasy baseball to a new level. With Diamond Mind Online, you don't just passively accumulate a few selected stats. Instead, you are owner, GM, field manager and fan, assembling a team of your favorite current players, or from throughout baseball history, and managing it throughout a full 162-game season.

You call the shots: set your line-up and rotation, bench and bullpen roles and in-game tactics, make trades, sign free agents, then cheer your team on as your games are simulated, pitch by pitch, and replayed in our exciting play-by-play format. Whether it's Sandy Koufax facing Babe Ruth, or A-Rod hitting against Tim Lincecum, Diamond Mind Online gives you the chance to see your favorite players in action in the most realistic baseball simulation game ever made.