With the 2020 baseball season on hold, we’re seeing new customers arriving and old customers returning to Diamond Mind Online in unprecedented numbers.  And our existing customers are playing more than ever before.

So, we put our heads together and have come up with some new ways to play, which will be introduced over the next couple of weeks.

  • “Turbo” leagues – 3 or 9 games per day not enough for you? Ok, let’s go faster. More frequent sim runs, and you’ll have more results to view. Leagues will finish in 2 weeks, including playoffs.  Want to rapid-fire a progression league?  Here’s your chance.  And Turbo leagues will be offered at our lowest price yet for a team: just $4.99.
  • “Solitaire” leagues – You already can play one game at a time via Diamond Mind Live (free). How about the ability to play a league by yourself? With Solitaire leagues, you choose a season and a team, the computer selects 11 other teams from the same season and league,  and off you go.  You run the sim when you want, at whatever pace you want.  Want to play one game at a time, maybe even managing your team head-to-head against your opponent? Go for it.  Want to run an entire league in day, or an hour?  You can do that too if you want.  And, for just $9.99 per month, you can play as much as you want.
  • 2020 “Projection” Season – For many years, there has been a Diamond Mind “projection” product that we sold for the Diamond Mind PC game. Initially those utilized formulas developed by Tom Tippett to project how a player would perform in the upcoming season, including minor leaguers expected to make MLB clubs.  In recent years, we partnered with Dan Szymborski, whose “ZiPS” projection system has become highly regarded.  Dan is working on adapting his calculations for us again for 2020, and we’ll have those for the online game this year in addition to the PC game.

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With so many new and returning customers, our support team have been kept busy fielding lots of “how to” questions.  To make sure you get prompt answers, we’ll be adding some new features to our site, including:

  • Chat rooms – Want real-time team building advice from other team owners, face-to-face trade negotiations, league meetings with your team owners? We’ll be adding a chat room facility to the site.
  • Help videos – We know how daunting it can be when you arrive at our site to play for the first time. We’ll be adding a series of help videos to the site to walk you through some of the basics, starting with “Creating a League”, “Drafting Players” and “Planning and Managing a Team”.


There are three Ladder Leagues associations: the Standard Association, which uses the “Classic” (career-rated) player pool and plays according to standard league rules; the Random 600 Association, which uses the Classic player pool and drafts from a limited pool of just 600 randomly selected players; and the SSG Association, which uses the SSG (single season-rated) player pool.  Each association is comprised of a series of ranked leagues.  After each season, the top teams from each league are promoted to higher leagues and the bottom teams are relegated to lower leagues.  The promotion-relegation system ensures highly competitive leagues of similarly skilled owners.

Season 32 of the Random 600 Association currently is in Week 3.  There are five RA600 leagues, 60 teams in all.  Leading the way, with the best record out of the five RA600 leagues at the time of writing, are David Rice’s Hell’s Kitchen Sous-Chefs of the RA600-32 AA League, with a 27-12 record.

The leagues for Season 44 of the Standard Association have just draft and are about to get underway.  For Season 44 the Standard Association has grown from four to five ranked leagues.

And registration is now underway for Season 2 of the SSG Association.  In Season 2, SSGA leagues will be set in the Baby Boomers era of play, with a player pool comprised of the 1942-1961 seasons, with the DH.

In tournament play, the finals of the Grand Open Tournament XIII are in Week 4.  Leading the way at the time of writing is the formidable veteran owner Bob Jecmen, whose Parallel Universe squad boasts a league-best 35-22 record at the time of writing.

Bob also is the director of the annual Masters Tournament.  Round 1 of the tournament currently is in Week 6.  Greg David, who finished second in the 2019 tournament, is leading the way in the early going in 2020.  At the time of writing, his Master of None assemblage is setting a blistering 64-29 pace for the rest of the five-league field.


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In real life Willie Mays faded before getting close to Ruth’s then career-record 714 HR.  (He hit his last – number 660 – playing for the Mets in 1973.)  But in the History of Baseball progression league he looks set to blow well past Ruth’s mark, with Hank Aaron’s record 755 in range.  Mays hit HR number 700 in the 1970 season of the History of Baseball progression for Joe Mulrooney’s Short Little Fat Boys.

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