PROMOTION:  Bring a friend home for the holidays!

Know someone who hasn’t played in a Diamond Mind Online league in more than six months?

Convince those friends to rejoin, and we will award you 2 free team credits for each of those friends makes a purchase of a team credit and joins a league. Those friends will also get a free team credit for each league they join by January 31, 2019.*

* To claim “Bring A Friend Home For The Holidays” free credits, you or the rejoining user must notify IS Support of the purchase and which leagues joined.

Join the Masters Tournament!

Time flies like a baseball!  Hard to believe, but it’s time for the tenth edition of the Diamond Mind Online Masters Tournament.  The Masters Tournament (MT) is designed to pit the top owners of DMO against each other in a multi-season, year-long competition using a cumulative point scoring system. The MT uses a variety of non-standard themes and player pools to test the adaptive and analytical skills of the most accomplished owners in the game.

Tourney director Bob Jecmen has once again worked with the DMO community to create an exciting series of themes to challenge team.

We have just wrapped up the 2018 Masters Tournament, which was the 9th annual MT. Congratulations go to David Hochstein in his impressive championship run. All previous MTs were not decided until the final league playoffs and two previous MTs were only decided by only 1 and 2 points on 400+ total points… and that was after owners had played 648 regular season games over 4 rounds and up to 50 playoff games. So the previous MTs took nearly 700 games per owner over the 12 month MT marathon to finally decide a winner.

These incredibly close finishes are a testament to the fierce and high-level competition of the Masters Tournaments. Hopefully the 2019 MT will be just as intense with another photo finish championship. This is your chance to be part of a great, year-long tournament facing the top players in Diamond Mind Online baseball.


In addition to the pride of beating the best owners in DMO, the winners of the Masters win the following:

10,000 tokens ($100 value) for 1st place

5,000 tokens ($50 value) for 2nd place

2,500 tokens ($25 value) for 3rd place

To see the Rules for the Master or to register for the 2019 Masters, click here:

New Classic Salary System is Coming!

We did the regular Classic player salary update over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so it’s a new world again.  After 13 years, however, we’ve decided to do an overhaul of the player salary formulas and methodology, so look for something totally new with the next salary update.  In the meantime, there are only weeks left to play with the current system, so get in some leagues before the change!


What’s new in DMO?  We’ve made a number of changes in the past several months:

2018 Season now available:  Who got the highest salary in DMO ’18?  If you guessed Mookie Betts, you win.  But who’s the better value, Mookie at $27M or Mike Trout at $15M?  For star pitchers, Jacob daGrom and Max Scherzer took home the top paid honors this year.  Ready to dive into 2018?  Check out Diamond Mind Online and join a single season league!

Protect your keepers:  Are you in a keeper or progression league?  Live should be easier now.  We’ve now enabled keepers for both Autodraft and Manual draft leagues.  This feature must be enabled by the league commissioner when setting up the league.  If enabled for your league, you can mark your keepers when you enter your picks.  Players marked as keepers cannot be drafted by any other team owner even if the player isn’t drafted until late in the draft.

Draft roll-backs:  When you have a time-out in a manual draft, the system will now automatically remove the $500k player given in that slot, eliminating the need to wait for the timed-out owner to remove the player from his or her draft queue.

What’s Next?

Here’s what’s coming soon in Diamond Mind Online:

  • Classic Player Salary Re-set (see article above)
  • The ability to have in loans and interest on cash balances in accelerated leagues
  • SSG Standard Leagues
  • Pitch-count limits